Top 4 Signs Of An Insecure Bloke That Keep The Girls At Bay
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Top 4 Signs Of An Insecure Bloke That Keep The Girls At Bay

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It must be said: there’s no such thing as a superior sex. No one – even the gorgeous babes featured in the pages of Hobart Escorts – are completely immune to insecurities. In fact, it’s very rare that someone is completely secure with themselves.

Having an insecurity or two, isn’t too much of a negative thing, really; some would even say they’re proof that you’re human – although there is a difference between having insecurities and letting them control your life. That said, women won’t hesitate to run away from a bloke who falls into the latter category. So, what are some signs of a man who lets his insecurities control his life?

1. Wanting his girlfriend to change her look. It’s not that he doesn’t like how she looks – otherwise, he wouldn’t have been attracted to her. He just doesn’t want other people to be attracted to his girl. His wanting her to change how she dresses, for example, is a form of control. That’s a sign that he’s afraid of losing her to someone else and is trying to change her outward appearance to prevent that.

2. Letting everyone know they’re together is a big deal to him. This bloke needs to make sure it’s clear he’s in a relationship with his girl and uses every possible social media platform to do so. By itself, this isn’t a clear-cut sign of a highly insecure bloke, but if certain other signs are present, it means he’s controlled by insecurity.

3. He monitors where she goes. He could also be more controlling – and obviously insecure – by keeping track of whom his girl is with, what she does, and how long she stays out. It’s his way of reassuring himself that she isn’t cheating on him.

4. He plays the guilt card. For a guy whose insecurities have gotten the better of him, guilt is his primary weapon. When his girl doesn’t call or text him for a day, he’ll guilt-trip her into doing something for him, whether it’s going out on an impromptu date or staying the night at his place to binge-watch a favourite TV program.

Any of these by themselves is fine, especially if it doesn’t happen often. After all, everyone feels a little needier than usual every now and then.
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