The 3 Types Of Women That You Should Avoid Dating (or Having Sex With)
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The 3 Types Of Women That You Should Avoid Dating (or Having Sex With)

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Hobart Escorts

Are you always on the prowl for the perfect date, or even hookup partner? If the women you’ve recently dated, and perhaps went to bed with, have turned out to be so annoying or weird in some way, maybe you’ve just gone for the wrong type of lady. While you certainly won’t like the ladies who’ve practically spent all their growing years in the bars and clubs, as well as women who deliberately confuse you with their elusiveness, here are 3 other types of ladies that you should avoid dating, or hooking up with.

She Always Prefers To Be The Centre Of Attention
If you’re dating a lady who always prefers to be the centre of attention, regardless of whether you’re with friends, co-workers or with the folks you met at the bar, then you’re in for a real mess! It’s because women who always crave for the spotlight talk excessively loudly, wildly gesture, tell truly unbelievable stories and wear extremely provocative outfits! Perhaps it would be more fun (and more relaxing) if you went out with your favourite Hobart Escorts!

She’s A Mother Goose
If the lady you’re dating with is always fixing your hair or shoes, and keeps tucking your shirt, then you may be the victim of a Mother Goose! While the woman may have nothing but good intentions, and she could be great in other ways too, her over-eager motherly instincts will eventually drive you mad!

The good thing is that potential Mother Gooses are not exactly lost causes, and can eventually be taught to stop acting like an overbearing mom. But if you’ve already talked to her a few times already about your concern, and she still can’t resist fixing your hair or shirt constantly, then it should be time for you to make a quick exit!

She Incessantly Talks About Every Topic That Crosses Her Mind
If you notice your date suddenly getting so enamoured,or infatuated with every topic that crosses her mind, no matter how mundane or unimportant it may seem, then prepare for more trouble ahead! It’s because your date or hookup partner could be Miss Motor Mouth, who is always armed and ready with the latest buzz at work or at home.

One of the worst things about Miss Motor Mouth is that her most favourite topic is actually – herself! Thus, if you manage to survive, and make it through hours of nonsense talk about her new shoes or make-up, then you must be prepared to survive anything. However, if you ask any sex or relationship expert out there, their advice would be to break off as quickly as possible, before you lose your sanity!

Well anyway, these lousy attributes or characteristics are not exclusive to women only, as they’re very much evident on guys too!And so if you’d rather wish to have a relaxing, pleasant and truly sensual time, why don’t you call the pretty and truly sexy Hobart Escorts instead?

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