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Hobart Escorts – Things to Say On a First Date

Any first date can make you feel anxious, almost as if you wish the date wouldn’t push through for one reason or another. After all, you want to impress your date, and avoid making a fool of yourself by saying something you shouldn’t have, or getting facts mixed up. Even if you’re with one of more »

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Hobart Escorts – Sex Moves & Habits That Women Don’t Want Their Guys To Do

Sex – it’s something that all of us want to have, and be very proficient at! But, according to sex experts, men feel more pressured to perform better in bed, because they’re expected to be truly macho, and make their ladies scream for more. If your ego is as big as your imaginary penis, and more »

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Hobart Escorts – One-Night Stand Do’s & Dont’s For Naive Newcomers

If you’ve seen how one night stands are portrayed in the popular Hollywood movies today, you’d probably see mixed results. Like anything else in life, one night stands are rife with sloppiness, errors and dumb acts, although most guys learn to perfect the art through constant practice and experience. If you haven’t tried hooking up more »

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The Direct Link Between Good Nutrition And Great Sex

The phrase “you are what you eat” can also relate to your sex life. It’s because a person’s sexual health is considerably impacted by his nutritional intake. In fact, many sexual problems or issues can be addressed by making simple changes to one’s diet. If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, heart and thyroid conditions, more »

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A Funny And Tawdry Look At The World’s Most Promiscuous Cities

Planning to go on a sex tour? Or if a sex tour sounds too excessive for you, will you just look for the best city to find quick casual sex? According to an article published in the online magazine ‘The Richest’,  the best cities to go for quick and easy casual sex are Berlin, Macau, more »

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Hobart Escorts – 3 Best Positions for ‘Big’ Men

You’ve heard it before: dick size doesn’t matter. It still doesn’t, even if all women have their own preferences. The ladies showcased in the pages of Hobart Escorts are skilled at handling any size cock. Still, they have their favourites – especially if the guy is well-hung. If you’re a guy who’s a bit on more »

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5 Delightful Ideas For Sprucing-Up The Missionary Position : Hobart Escorts

Of the different sex positions, the missionary is perhaps the most common. While majority of women love it, because it’s viewed as a very romantic position, since the two partners are facing each other, and there’s constant eye contact (and couples can hold each other in their arms). Some men however, are starting to find more »

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Client Confessions – Menage a Trois with Two of the Hottest Hobart Escort

Breaking off from the traditional heterosexual male/female sex does not happen every day; threesomes, whether MFF or MMF can step you to a whole new level of sexuality. Experience the hot sweats, slender bodies and body juices with a sensual threesome with two of Hobart’s hot escorts. Here are some of my accounts about booking more »

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