Rigorous Exercises Cause Fatigue That Kills The Libido
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Rigorous Exercises Cause Fatigue That Kills The Libido

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It has been proven by studies that workouts keep the body in shape. So, when the body is healthy, the production of the male hormone testosterone is boosted. It means when the sex drive is up, chances for getting laid is high. It’s obvious why the sexy Hobart Escorts like men who have the muscles because it means they are also good lovers in bed. Sadly, not true in all circumstances.

According to a study, hitting the gym doing strenuous exercises and for longer periods of time could actually deplete your energy for sex since harder training kills the libido. Hence, it’s actually time to assess your type of exercise because that could be the reason why you’re becoming less interested in copulation. While it is true that hitting the gym tones your gut but then, you may not know that something else is decreasing – your sex drive!

Rigorous Exercises Cause Fatigue That Kills The Libido

The University of North Carolina came out with findings that there is a link between diminished libido and frequent and high intensity exercise. They studied 1,077 males who were active in exercises the likes of lifting, biking, swimming, running, and so on.

They claimed to have trained at the lowest intensities and reported to have normal or increased sex drive. On the contrary, those who trained longer on intense routines were noted to have poor libido. The study therefore suggests that people who do volumes and volumes of rigorous workouts get physically and mentally fatigued, hence, their desire and motivation to have sex is diminished.

Exercise in itself is not bad for sexual health after all. It’s the kind of routine and for how long it is done that affect the sex drive, so, there’s actually nothing to fear about working out. If you feel your interest in sex may be a bit dwindling, there’s no harm in paying your doctor a visit.

The Exercise That Can Boost Testosterone Levels Fast

At any rate, if you want to increase your testosterone, here’s the kind of exercise that you should be doing. From the celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, she claims that testosterone directly impacts on sex life since it boosts the sex drive and keeps you from getting erectile dysfunction. But, its most important function is that, it builds muscle mass and strengthens the bones.

Sure, working out the biceps, shoulders and chest is good in order to build a well-toned body. And yet, the legs and glutes are equally important to work on because they contribute much to the improvement of testosterone levels in the body.

Her secret? Only one exercise, for instance squats. Do it for one minute, five days a week for four weeks. Then, tell her if you’re getting the desired result! She warns people though, that when you do it inconsistently even if you do it the whole year, you will never yield the right results.

Just wondering if having sex with the erotic Hobart Escorts every morning five days in a row and up to four weeks could awaken your sagging sex drive!

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