Red Hot Escort Hobart - 5 Major One-Night Stand Rules That Guys Should Always Follow
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Red Hot Escort Hobart – 5 Major One-Night Stand Rules That Guys Should Always Follow

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Planning a one-night stand with a girl you met on a dating app, or through a common friend? And you wish to take things further too? Well, before you meet her, and start to do anything mushy, here are a couple of one-night stand guidelines that guys should always follow.

Don’t Expect a Hookup to Turn Into Anything More

When it comes to hookups, it can be so easy to get carried away by the closeness and start to feel like you’ve finally met your match. Thus, keep your expectations in check, because if things don’t turn out according to plan, then chalk it up as a fun experience. But, if you truly want hassle-free, no-complications fun in the sheets, why not book a date with the hot and sexy Red Hot Escort Hobart!

Don’t Confuse Sexual Intimacy with Emotional Intimacy

Don’t expect naughty and sleazy texts to bring forth something beyond sexual intimacy. If you do notice a bit of distance right after your intimate encounter, then that could be intended as a signal that this isn’t a relationship yet!

Don’t Mistake a Desire to Hook Up To Deepen the Relationship

While your date may have enjoyed spending time with you, and having sex with you too, follow-up contact does not necessarily mean that this is going to turn into a relationship. With a bit of time, you will be able to discern if this lady perceives you as a booty call, or as someone worth being with for a long time!

Carry Condoms, and Clarify Your Intentions

In the era of HIV/AIDS and other nasty sexually-transmitted infections, always make sure you carry condoms with you, not just to protect yourself but your partner too. And when hooking up, be very clear about what you want, and don’t give false hopes to your partner.

Tell her all that you wish to do while having a one-night stand, and don’t promise her the moon and the stars! But, if you want to steer clear of the potential booby traps of hooking up, perhaps it would be nicer to go on a date with the hot and sizzling Red Hot Escort Hobart!

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