People Who Love Sex, Beware Of Genital Herpes
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People Who Love Sex, Beware Of Genital Herpes

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Because people in this modern age have become open-minded about sexuality, it seems that having multiple sexual partners is now considered the ‘new normal’. What many young people don’t know is that, they can be vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections if they’re not properly educated about sex. Even the skilled Hobart Escorts have to update themselves about recent developments on infections transmitted through sexual contact.

Below is a classic example of a common sex-related infection that could easily be acquired by women and men who have several bed partners and most especially by those not practicing safe sex.

What Is Genital Herpes?

It is a common infection caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) and transferred through direct sexual contact. By direct contact, it means through oral, vaginal and anal intercourse. When we say genital, the infection doesn’t only cause sores to develop in the vagina (inner and outer regions) and penis, but, it may spread to other parts down below such as the cervix in women and scrotum in men, and as well, the buttocks, thighs, anus and urethra in men and women alike.

Although kissing a person with cold sores cannot lead to some kind of herpes in your genitals, still, you can catch the virus and develop oral herpes as characterised by fever blisters on or around your mouth.

Likewise, experts made it clear that kissing an infected person won’t make you sick with genital herpes. However, if you do have open sores in your mouth, then, kissing would likely be a mode of transmission for such kind of infection.

Apart from sex, other ways the virus could spread is by touching the genitals, through childbirth (from the mother to her infant), and through breastfeeding (once a baby comes in contact with sores).

How Would You Know You Have The Virus?

The outward manifestations of the infection include pain, itching or burning sensation, small red bumps or small white blisters (similar to acne), ulcers and scabs.

Between two and twelve days after exposure, a person may begin to experience the said symptoms. Initial outbreaks are usually painful but the subsequent ones are more tolerable. Following the first infection, the virus becomes inactive in the body, and yet, may reactivate a few times each year.

Take note that genital herpes has no known cure although there are available treatments that can alleviate the symptoms and lessen the risk of transferring the virus to your partner, aside from, preventing or shortening the outbreaks.

As well, you may or may not show signs of the infection, because each genital herpes experience varies from person to person. And the symptoms may show off or on for years. With your infection but, without the visible signs, you can still be contagious.

Not Life-threatening

The signs and symptoms of genital herpes may seem yucky, but then, the infection won’t take your life away, according to experts. And you’re pretty lucky because it won’t result in serious health problems down the road.

Then again, you really won’t like to have sex with anyone, least of all, with the stunning Hobart Escorts, if you have sores in your penis, would you? To be sure, have yourself examined by a specialist.

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