My Partner, Hobart Escort
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My Partner, Hobart Escort

My boyfriend and I decided to spend our 2nd year anniversary doing something “new” and with both of us working for different top escort services, like Hobart Escorts, it sometimes is a challenge to add something “new” to the bedroom.

Sensual sexy young woman “You’ve been together for more than a year considering your jobs?!”

Hearing men’s voices from the hallway snapped me back to reality still very much blindfolded and tied to the chair.  I was shocked when the door opened quite forcefully. I could hear footsteps troop in. How many, I have no idea. 2 people? 3 maybe? I do not know many were in the room with me. I started to feel the beginnings of excitement and panic grip my belly; I started to struggle.

“Ah, ah, ah” cautioned her boyfriend. “Don’t worry. This is what I want. My fantasy.”

He removed the blindfold and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I notice the people standing by him. Males that we saw earlier at the club. The ones that I made an offhanded comment about their physical attributes.

“I want them to pleasure you, to fuck you and for you to fuck them. And I want to watch. “

I was stunned. And turned on. Very, very turned on.

He hotly whispered “This is going to be so much fun.” I felt his mouth on my cheek and with a gentle tug, sucked in a delicious bit of skin and flesh then releasing it wetly. Replacing the blindfold and backing off, he sat down on a lounge chair which afforded him the best view in the house.

I felt a hand under her chin and a mouth reminiscent of strawberries and mint covered mine and reveled in the taste, battling and dancing furiously before submitting to the invasive appendage. My heart was beating as fast as humming birds’ wings as it pleasured each flower it visited. I didn’t want the sensation to stop, didn’t want to be calm.

They learned my body with pleasure. Touching, kneading, discovering; hands brushed and prodded my engorged clit avoided my gushing sex. They played my body like they would instruments in an orchestra. Everything was primal, surreal, animalistic.

Hands carried me weightlessly to the bed, where my pleasure was increased tenfold as I was pinned down. Immobilized, hungry and greedy mouths began an agonizing pilgrimage from my thighs to her dripping snatch.  A tongue entered me, sucking and driving me wild. Knowing that my lover was enjoying the show sent a wave of wetness down my thighs

“Please!” she begged the men “do something. Anything! I can’t stand this!”

My pleas incited them, incited HIM as he watched with pleasure while I was being worshipped by men that may have my body but never my heart.

They were both part of the adult business scene; both understood the job as a job, just like any Hobart escort service escort. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to please the other.

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