Make Your Move – 7 Surefire Signs She's Flirting With You
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Make Your Move – 7 Surefire Signs She’s Flirting With You

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There’s no question about it: there will be times where you find yourself flirting with a lovely lady you can’t help but approach. Women, even the Hobart Escorts you find online, do the same, flirting with a bloke to catch his eye. The problem is, they often say one thing and do another – so how do you know if she’s just being nice, compared to when she’s really flirting with you?

Here are some signs to look out for, so you’ll know if a gorgeous girl is actually flirting.

1. She draws attention to her lips. Women have a way of touching their bodies that can really attract the eye. Combine this with the lips being a pretty tempting body part, and you can be sure she’s flirting with you. If she bites her lower lip, reapplies her lipstick, or just touches it while thinking, this is a sign she means business.

2. She fiddles with her hair. This is a pretty instinctual move, and some women don’t realise they’re doing it. Whether she’s twirling a lock around a finger or flipping her tresses from one shoulder to the other, she’s trying to get you to notice.

3. She’s fidgety. When girls like someone, they’re more self-conscious than usual, so if she’s fidgeting while near you, or exhibits signs of being uneasy, then she doesn’t just like you – she’s flirting. One example of fidgety behaviour is when she looks at you, then looks away when you meet her gaze.

4. She keeps the conversation going. You strike up a conversation with her, and she’s responsive, not to mention she seems cheerful and slowly becoming more at ease. While some ladies will keep up the conversation to be polite, they’ll be happy to let it die away once there’s nothing more to be said. However, if she finds ways to keep it going, that’s a surefire sign she’s flirting.

5. She asks you questions. Usually, asking the questions falls to the bloke; when a lady does some questioning of her own, she’s trying to find out how much you have in common. As you can already guess, this is another sign that she’s flirting.

6. She asks for help. This is a pretty big sign that she’s flirting with you – and this is true whether she asks you for directions, to get a glass of water, or for help carrying something. Her asking you for help is her way of not just getting you to notice her, but showing she wants to be able to rely on you.

7. She smiles a certain smile. This can be confusing, since she can smile for any reason. However, there’s a slow, flirty kind of smile that reaches her eyes, and that’s what you should look out for.

Like the hair flip, this is an instinctual move – some ladies, even Hobart Escorts, may not be aware their using this particular smile. That’s when you know you’ve got it in the bag.

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