Is There Such A Thing As Excessive Sex?
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Is There Such A Thing As Excessive Sex?

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“Everything should be done in moderation”. Perhaps this adage applies to a lot of lifestyle habits like drinking or smoking. But does it apply to sex too? Most people today agree with the notion that “the more sex you have, the happier you’ll be”, because sex releases all sorts of pleasurable brain chemicals like dopamine. However, some health experts say that too much sex can be bad for you too. Let’s find out what scientists and health experts have to say about this.

For Many Doctors, There’s No Such Thing As “Too Much Sex”

Who says that too much sex is bad for you? Well according to most doctors, there’s no such thing as too much sex. Now, go ahead and continue dating the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts!

According to a noted clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology, there’s no such thing as excessive sex, because all the individual needs to do is listen to his or her body. So, if you’re tired, and your muscles are aching, then rest and don’t have sex.

The health expert further adds that “asking how much sex is too much is just like asking how many drinks makes a person an alcoholic”. This twisted approach fails to recognize that with beer and booze, it is not a matter of how much the person drinks, but it’s a question of how it affects the person’s life.

However, Too Much Sex Can Scrape The Skin Of Your Genitals

But while there’s practically nothing wrong with enjoying sex (as long as you’re not turning into a maniac), a couple of physicians still stress that an extremely high frequency of sexual intercourse can damage the skin of the penis and vagina, and this can lead to open cuts or wounds which may serve as entry points of sexually transmitted infections.

In summary, as long as people do it safely, and they’re enjoying it, psychologically and physically healthy sex can be a very wonderful thing. According to Stephen Snyder, MD, a New-York City-based sex therapist, “if the sex is taking you someplace special and making you feel so good about yourself, then by all means continue doing it”.

However, Snyder adds that “if it’s not doing anything special for you, and it’s not making you feel good about yourself, then it will likely have a negative impact in your life. Again, its the quality, not the quantity, that’s important”.

So, if you love having sex with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sizzling Hobart Escorts, stop listening to the cynics, and simply enjoy what you’re doing!

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