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Hobart Escorts – Why Testosterone Is Important To Sexual Health

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Have you noticed lately that you’ve become unusually aggressive in sex yet, your testicles are shrinking? Beware, it could be due to your testosterone levels! Nonetheless, the high sex drive should not be a cause for worry since the kinky Hobart Escorts will very much like that. But, the shrinking balls?

By the way, have you ever heard of the word ‘testosterone’? You should know because this is a male thing! The testicles (also known as gonads) particularly the Leydig cells are the primary producer of the said male testosterone.

Why Is Testosterone Important To Sexual Health?

Testosterone plays an important role in sexual health because it can make or break your sex life. It is the key sex hormone for the males although females also produce such but, in lesser amounts. This hormone is the one that regulates several bodily functions in men, among these are: sex drive, production and maturity of sperm (so, it has to do with fertility), bone mass, muscle size and strength, production of red blood cells, as well as distribution of fats in the body.

Without adequate quantities of such hormone, you won’t be having those characteristics typical of a male human being. Less of it, and you encounter infertility problems. More of it and you develop what is known as precocious puberty. Nonetheless, both conditions can be treated but certainly, you don’t want any of those, do you?

Between the two, the low testosterone condition is more common among males with not so serious outcomes although libido, muscle growth and mood are affected. Then again, the more serious type, high testosterone levels may put the person at risk of developing enlarged prostate and cancer, aside from increased muscle mass and sexual aggressiveness.

As men increase in age, testosterone hormonal levels decline, in the same way that women drop their oestrogen hormonal levels during premenopausal stage. Yet, don’t despair, since there are natural ways to improve your levels without resorting to drug use.

Manifestations of Your T Level
Even without taking some tests, you’d know where your hormonal levels are at present. If you’re on the low, you would feel less attracted to sex, you notice your muscles as well as your penis getting smaller in mass, you’re getting bigger in the midsection, plus you feel your bones weaken.

On the contrary, when your hormonal level is high, aggression and sexual urge increase, fat level in the body is low while your balls are shrinking. Whether high or low, you should consult a medical professional for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

From the experts, here are 3 ways to more T

You may not know it but, even if you’re at your prime, your testes may not be that aggressive in producing sufficient male hormone for optimum growth and development. Below are practical ways to boost your T levels.

1. Lift heavy weights
2. Get enough sleep
3. Maintain longer erections; watch porn if you must!

Benefits Of More T In The Body

If you’ve got more but not unusually high, of course, you’d be enjoying better libido, be having pleasant mood, stronger bones and muscles with less fat, and of course, a healthy heart and good circulation. That may explain why you’re feeling super happy when engaging in sex with the exhilarating Hobart Escorts!

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