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Hobart Escorts – When Sex Becomes Painful

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Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and something worth enjoying. Therefore, it must not, in any circumstance, hurt anyone who’s engaged in it. Yet, there are times when intercourse – be it vaginal or anal play, really hurts for certain people especially the babes!

Have you, by any chance, asked any of the erotic Hobart Escorts if they have experienced pain during the hanky-panky, one time or another in their life? Are they vulnerable, too? Or are they just smart enough to know the ways to avoid pain?

Study Says Intercourse That Hurts Is Common

You may find it odd to know that pain during anal as well as vaginal banging is a common occurrence. The data taken from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour carried out in 2012 which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discloses that around 30% of females noted pain during vaginal penetration. Likewise, 72% admitted to feeling pained during anal shagging. This study was conducted among women and yet, this encouraged sex researchers and educators as well as medical practitioners to also focus their attention to men as they experience some sort of pain during sexual contact, too.

Surprisingly, couples never tell their partners when they’re hurt and that could spell disaster since they won’t get help in terms of switching positions, using lubes, changing their style of thrusting, and whatever it is that ‘needs improvement’.

Possible Sources of Pain

Either during the actual act or after, the pain maybe caused by any or a combination of these things:
● illness/infection like vaginal thrush, genital herpes, chlamydia or gonorrhoea
● physical problem/s like a result of hormonal changes
● psychological issue/s like resulting from menopausal signs and symptoms
● genital allergies from frequent use of latex condoms and other sex products

Experts recommend not to ignore any fucking pain, since it’s your body’s way of telling you there’s something wrong. Men and women alike are not spared from pain. If you see an unusual discharge or feel itchiness around the genitals, better submit yourself to testing. Go, seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

But, if you’re too embarrassed to consult a sex therapist/counsellor, iron it out first with your lover or your fabulous date from the Hobart Escorts. Visit the gallery now.

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