Hobart Escorts - What you need to know about Foot Fetishism
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Hobart Escorts – What you need to know about Foot Fetishism

We had heard about bondage, BDSM and role playing around the adult entertainment industry but what you guys have not heard about is the amount of foot fetishists that are craving for excitement. While it may seem unusual for these men to find sexual stimulation by seeing clean feet, many Hobart escorts accommodate such requests.

Hobart Escort in leggingsFoot fetishism or podophilia is a sexual fetish that is not within the normal psychological curve which is similar to bondage and sadism yet it affects 70% of males around the world. Sexual arousal for them may vary such as handling their partner’s feet or being turned on with accessories related to it like anklets, stockings, toe rings, etc. There are also men who are stimulated with women wearing shoes and the thrill of wanting to see their feet in it.

Most male foot fetishists are ashamed to reveal their secrets because of social stigma and being unable to sexually please his partner unless it involves feet contact. Since their partners are not stimulated as much as they are during sex, it sets a limitation to the fetish making them feeling embarrassed. Most closet foot fetishists repress their urges that would often result in poor performance in sex.

Because of the amount of people who are into this sexual fixation, there is a good market for foot fetishism in the adult entertainment. In the world of internet pornography, you can find websites who specialize in foot fetishism and categories on huge sites that would point you to foot fetish clips. There are also sex toys that can satisfy every fetishist’s dreams of having with a nice pair. Such sex toys are shaped into a pair of feet with a makeshift vagina or a dildo shoe which is a foot with a huge schlong.

Foot fetishism is so popular that many celebrities are even supporting and promoting the sexual fixation. Actress Pamela Anderson calls feet “the sexiest part of a woman’s body” and according to Playboy model Brooke Burke “Toe sucking is just as good” in reference to foot fetishism. Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris are also endorsing the fixation as a valid sexual stimulation.

In the Australian adult entertainment, you can hire Hobart escorts who are into foot fetishism as much as you are. These ladies can make your deepest, darkest fantasies come true so that you don’t have to hide your urges. You can take a look our web gallery to find the perfect companion that can fulfill your ultimate sexual desires.


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