Hobart Escorts – To Give and To Take, Erotically
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Hobart Escorts – To Give and To Take, Erotically

You could say that I am a man who cringes at the thought of personal commitments. Business wise, I have no problems setting and meeting expectations with regards to engagements, and I’m very confident in saying I’m successful. Romantic relationships, on the other hand, I would consider myself to be highly unsuccessful. See, the world is filled with many temptations and I am a man gifted with a healthy libido. Which is why, I prefer to enjoy non-committal sex as it fits into my lifestyle without the fuss.

Hobart Escort Drinking coffee nakedThursday is my time for great indulgence. I am a highly sexual person who likes to exercise control on gorgeous women. Yes, I am a dominant and I prefer my ladies sentient and red to my touch. The girl I have scheduled for this day from Hobart Escorts is lying on the duvet with her hands and legs tied to the four posts of my bed. Her body is filled with love marks – mixtures of hickeys and spanks.

I have always adored the translucent skin of Asians. They are just so sensitive to touch that it would be impossible not to leave any marks of my passion on her pale skin. She’s heavily breathing after I had just made her cum for the third time. She was already thrashing from the pleasures that overwhelmed her petite but well-proportioned body that she had to ask for a momentary breather. I had taken off her blindfold to give her a good view off me. In her eyes I could detect that deep inside, she’s hungry for more.

My body was kneeling across her with the tip of my penis slightly planted in her dripping wet pussy. She was already so tight at the entrance alone that I had to push it in even further to get the feel of her warmth. I leaned down and ran my tongue around each of her nipples then sucked it forcibly to make her moan even more. Coming down with three consecutive orgasms, this horny vixen’s body is too sensitive to handle every single one of my touches.

I kissed each of her turgid nipples once more before I stood and drew myself away from her succulence. I could sense the disappointment in the way the walls of her vagina closed in on me to keep me in place when I pulled out. I loosened the cuffs that held her hands above her and she retracted them for comfort.

It was then that I assumed my position once more and lifted her lower body for me to plunge the entirety of my hardness inside her. She moaned, loudly! Her walls were still very wet and very tight, fully accommodating my entire length. I groaned at her tightness. Pulling up her upper body, I started to move myself in and out of her ruthlessly. I’ve given her enough pleasure and it’s time I received mine…

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