Hobart Escorts - This Is What Women Should Avoid Doing When Giving BJ
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Hobart Escorts – This Is What Women Should Avoid Doing When Giving BJ

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What man doesn’t love oral intercourse? Most guys crave for this. However, erotic experts say that there are do’s and don’ts when giving head, because if you do it wrong, the entire experience could turn bad and miserable for both the giver and the recipient. Even the veteran Hobart Escorts exercise caution when going down on their clients.

But first, let’s make clear what oral sex really is, in the strictest sense of the word.

What Is The Meaning Of Oral Sex?

Sometimes called oral intercourse, it’s a sex act rendered by one partner through stimulating the genitals (penis and scrotum in males; vulva and clit in females) of the other with the use of the mouth, particularly the lips, tongue and even the throat. In plain terms, it’s a mouth-to-genital contact.

A hand-job is also needed since the woman’s hand assists her mouth during cock-blowing. And she may fondle his testes with her free hand while her mouth is ‘occupied’. When a man gives head to his woman, the act is called cunnilingus. When she goes down on him, it’s called fellatio.

It helps to know what women should be doing when rendering a blowjob. It’s presumed that most of them have already experienced mouth-fucking on their men’s nether regions. But, what many don’t know is how not to do it.

Below is a guide for aspiring blowjobbers to avoid any kind of discomfort or pain for their partners when blowing their dicks.

  • Avoid gripping too tight.

If you don’t know what moderate is, think of it as not too tight nor too soft a grip on his penis. A tight one could give him pain and discomfort, a loose one is lousy. Likewise, consider the length, width of his rod as well as excess skin to calculate your grip. Aside from that, learn how to apply enough pressure to give him just the right amount of satisfaction. Never hesitate to ask him what he prefers, though.

  • Never let your free hand stay idle.

Of course, you know that a stroke on his ass and balls makes him horny. There are sensitive nerves on his anus that are aroused when touched. Besides, there are his groins, hip flexors, legs plus the perineum waiting for your touch, too. Further, that particular area between the testicles and the anus is super-sensitive. If you don’t know how to handplay, let him show you how.

  • Avoid swallowing the entire package.

It’s impossible to fit all of him into your mouth especially when yours is small. And don’t let him make you eat all of that because oral intercourse is meant to be free and consensual, not forced. Now, once you notice he puts his hand on your head then starts thrusting the entire length into your mouth, tell him it’s over!

  • Never use your teeth.

Even a light touch of your teeth on his prick can be highly uncomfortable for him. Biting is a no-no for it may cause pain and even injuries in serious cases. Teeth and biting are turn-offs during BJ.

As you can see, men are very pleased and eager to be given oral. If you’re enjoying, that means he is, too. Yet, no one is to coerce you into putting someone else’s junk in your mouth. The salacious Hobart Escorts don’t like that either.


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