Hobart Escorts – The Untrained Guy's & Girl's Guide to the Yab-Yum Sex Position
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Hobart Escorts – The Untrained Guy’s & Girl’s Guide to the Yab-Yum Sex Position

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

If you think sex is mainly influenced by all the junk they show on modern porn flicks, think again. In fact, various cultures and traditions from around the world have already had a set of guidelines and traditions about sex, and many of these traditions date back to thousands of centuries ago! For example, “Tantric” sex dates back to ancient Eastern (most likely Indian) traditions. When translated from Sanskrit (the ancient Indian language) “tantra” means “woven together” physically. Let’s look at one famous tantric sex position, the Yab-Yum.

Basic Facts About The Yab-Yum Position
Like all things related to “tantric” sex, the Yab-Yum pose is like “sexual meditation”, where the person’s conscious and subconscious are focused on the touches and breaths of both partners. Perhaps the next time you date the lovely Hobart Escorts, you could ask her to try out this truly enriching sexual technique!

According to Tantric sex experts, the Yab-Yum pose is suitable for strengthening the bond between partners, as well as for charging each other’s “batteries” (or energy fields), as well as for doing Tantric breath and energy exercises.

For westerners who don’t have that much experience with Yoga or other Tantric sex methods, this sitting sex position may not be comfortable at the onset, as it’s perfect form is where the man sits in the Lotus position, and woman is on top of him, embracing him with her legs.

The Two Variants Of The Yab-Yum
There are actually two variations of the Yab-Yum sex position, In the first one, the man sits in a lotus position, or with bent legs on the ground, or on a meditation cushion. The woman sits on a cushion (or something else higher) and wraps her legs around him.

In the second variant, the man and woman sit on one mat and interlock their legs like scissors. However, extra attention should be paid to a straight back, so that the lumbar column won’t suffer. Couples are advised to stay in this position as long as it feels good, and is possible without pain. Now, which variation would you be trying out first with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Hobart Escorts?

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