Hobart Escorts – The Perks of Shagging With the Lights On
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Hobart Escorts – The Perks of Shagging With the Lights On

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Are you quite comfortable with shagging while the lights are on? If you’re answer is no, then I’m not surprised because many of us are quite accustomed to having sex with the lights off, or at the very least dimmed. Is it perhaps because having sex in the light of day (or under the light of a light bulb) feels more risqué, or makes you feel more vulnerable? However, more and more sex experts are saying that shagging while the lights are on is actually good for you! Here’s a peek at a few of the reasons why.

You Can Actually See What You’re Doing

Would you like to further learn what your hookup buddy, or lovely Hobart Escorts, enjoys in bed? Perhaps you should try having sex with the lights on!  According to sex experts, doing so allows you to actually see what you are doing!

And through this approach, you can also learn what your partner enjoys. One sex expert notes that if partners stimulate themselves while the lights are on, they can better see where they are touching, and how they are doing. And, simply copying what your partner does takes away a lot of the guesswork, and makes you look like a sex expert too!

You Can Make a Real Connection

More than just for the purpose of getting off, sex is best when the light is on, and of course when you include emotions. By looking into each other’s eyes, you can truly see each other, and yes that includes feeling and heart!

And according to one noted sex expert, “sex isn’t supposed to be an act between two disconnected people whose eyes are closed – essentially two people who are emotionally alone but physical connected.

So if you and your girlfriend, or even your favourite Hobart Escortsand London Tantric Massage, are feeling distant or disconnected, make love, and don’t just have sex, and you’ll be so surprised at just how hot and explosive your bedroom trysts become!

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