Hobart Escorts - The Extra Pleasures of the Breasts
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Hobart Escorts – The Extra Pleasures of the Breasts

three sexy Hobart EscortsBreasts are enough to turn so many heads when their brazenly exposed to the public. They are the mounds of flesh that contain a lot of nerve endings encased just beneath the surface of its skin. The nipples serve as the point where all this endings meet which makes them a highly recognized erogenous zone.

The seductive vixens of Hobart Escorts are known for their plump and honey soft breasts that will leave men aroused at the sight of them. Not many know about the full capabilities of these glistening mountains but they hold a huge part in a woman’s libido. In the same way you grow erections, a woman’s breast is fully competent in receiving sensations as well.

Take it from Mr. Grey

In one of the erotic adventures that were explicitly depicted in the Fifty Shades novel, Christian Grey used nipple clamps while he was burying himself into the succulence of Anastasia Steele. Nipple clamps are great at heightening the sensations of your partner because it gives the slightest touch the most electrifying intensity. She will be reacting extra passionately to every move you deliver on her body.

HOT TIP: A woman’s body is filled with erogenous connections. With her nipples pleasurably restrained, delicious sensations are enveloping the totality of her physique. If you want to start drowning her with excessive satisfaction, rub her clit ever so gently with your fingers and gently ease your pulsating rod in her dripping wetness. You will basically be hitting three of her erogenous zones at once. Imagine the delicious sensations she will be feeling!

The sweetest thing

Breasts with the added lubrication of your saliva are enough to make the mounds juicy to your touch. Try adding something sweet to keep things light and playful. Put a dollop of whipped cream on one of her aroused peaks and sweet caramel on the other. Next, lick them in succession so as to increase the concentration of the feeling.

HOT TIP: When the weather’s hot, oppose the heat by using ice creams of different flavors. The steps are the same but the variety of the tastes will make the experience more exciting!

The pleasurable canal

Take a lube, oil or a lotion and rub it all over your lady’s ripe flesh. Be sure you massage them from the sides to the insides – assuring the entirety of her swollen flesh is covered with its sleekness. Now, position yourself on top of her and place the swelling of your loins in her cleavage. Have her push her breasts against your cock and start thrusting yourself in and out of her glorious mound.

HOT TIP: She can control the tightness of her breasts depending on how much she squeezes them together. You can instruct her as to how much pressure she can apply. With the lube draped all over her, it will be as if you are still entering her pussy and watching her creamy flesh jiggle to your penetration! It will be one heck of an orgasmic treat for the both of you!

Put these tricks to test now with a brazen lady from Hobart Escorts

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