Hobart Escorts - The Best Sex Positions for a Cosy, Romantic Night In
Hobart Best Escorts

Hobart Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for a Cosy, Romantic Night In

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced quickie, yet you’d like thing to be kind of romantic and cosy at the same, and experience something that provides a slow and sensual burn, look no further and try out a few of the best sex positions for a truly cosy, romantic night in, so that you and your partner could stay indoors and create your own heat!

The Cocoon
To do the Cocoon, ask your hookup buddy, or lovely Hobart Escorts, to come over to your house or hotel room tonight, wrap yourselves in a luxe throw, and your lady drapes her arms around your neck. Next, she wraps one leg about your butt, and the other straight down between your legs.

Your lady pulls you closer and deeper with your leg, while you are smooching and luxuriating in your little space for two. She can also grab your butt to help start the rhythm, especially if you’re quite slow to grasp that give-it-to-me-now speed sex!

The Binge Worthy
Lock the doors, turn out the lights, end get naked under a cosy blanket for a night of Netflix, and a night of steamy sex! Your lady randomly presses her bum against you until both of you are so turned on, and need to press pause.

Next, you slide in from behind while your legs are wrapped around her hips, and you don’t even need to leave the couch. For a much tighter feel, straighten your legs and press your legs together, and rub her clit as needed too!

The Sweet Course
Before doing this move, treat yourselves first to a sumptuous and romantic candle-lit home-cooked meal. Afterwards, your lady sits on the edge of the table, spreads her legs, and drizzles a trail of chocolate syrup up her inner thigh.

Next, she lies back onto the table, so you can lick your way up her leg. She then puts a little dollop of chocolate syrup up her inner thigh, and then you lick little circles around it. Afterward, she returns to you the favour, because you’re good like that! I guess you and your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts, would already be drooling with delight, and will be raring to try out this move tonight too!

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