Hobart Escorts - The 3 Main Ways Women Begin to Masturbate
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Hobart Escorts – The 3 Main Ways Women Begin to Masturbate

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If you’re underestimating the benefits of indulging in “me-time”, well  perhaps you shouldn’t, because apart from the more common mental and physical health benefits, masturbating allows us to explore our bodies and desires in a relaxed, low-pressure situation, which eventually makes us more confident to tell our partner what we want and need. But if you’d like to know how the ladies stimulate themselves during their “me-time”, read on to  find out a lot of juicy stuff.


If you’re just so curious of finding out how your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Hobart Escorts go about doing their “me-time”, well our friendly sex experts say that there are three ways women begin to masturbate, and one of the  ways is through grinding!

Whether it be on a pillow, or a harder surface, some ladies are able to bring themselves to climax by grinding or rubbing their vulva against something. Some ladies however prefer using a strong battery-operated massager, place it in the middle of a pillow or towel, and move against its flexible head.

Clitoral Stimulation

One of the most common methods of female masturbation is to use two to four fingers to rub the clitoris, often in a circular motion. If the woman finds her clitoris too sensitive for this direct contact, she could use her thumb and forefinger to mimic the manual stimulation of a penis. Some ladies use a tub faucet or shower head to run water over their clitoris and vulva, although this depends on the type of bathtub they have at home!

Fingering, G-Spot Stimulation & A-Spot Stimulation

Women also use their fingers to massage within the vagina itself. Some ladies  greatly enjoy pressure just within the opening of the vagina, on the G-spot, or rather back to the A-spot, or the anterior fornix, which is the spot between their bladder and cervix.

The methods for stimulating these areas can vary, with some ladies enjoying consistent pressure, while others enjoy the “in and out’ that simulates sex. So, before you start to underestimate the perks of doing your “me-time”, perhaps this article should open your eyes on just how much your hookup buddies, or lovely Hobart Escorts, truly enjoy their “me-time”!


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