Hobart Escorts - The 2 Things Men Do to Get Laid That Turn Most Women Off
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Hobart Escorts – The 2 Things Men Do to Get Laid That Turn Most Women Off

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

When it comes to the topic of attracting hot and pretty women, the truth is that most of the methods are actually out of your control, and can only be done by accident! However, the sad thing is that there are just as many things you’re doing to repel women, again without you knowing it! Here are a few of the many things that men do to get laid that turn most women off.

Complimenting Her
While I don’t mind if you compliment your regular hookup buddy, or your favourite Hobart Escorts, because you see them on a regular basis, if you do this to ladies you met for the very first time in a bar or club, perhaps you’ll see her scurrying away from you like she just saw a ghost!

Now what just happened? According to a recent study by one of the leading dating websites on the Internet, they found that telling a woman she was attractive actually made her more likely to reject you! The study team too was surprised, or even stupefied, as to why most women did this.

Please don’t think that you’re going to look like John Travolta or Fred Astaire once you finally hit the dance floor after gulping on a couple of drinks already, because what you’re actually doing is some bizarre alt-new wave version of the robot that has every woman in the room pointing and staring open-mouthed!

According to sex and dating experts, dancing is a high-risk venture, because if you suck at dancing, it signals to women that you are a bad mating partner, and it also serves as a subconscious sign that your testosterone levels are lower than average, which means you’re not up to a woman’s baby-making standards!

And in addition, your awkward moves on the dance floor may have evolved as a flashing neon light to warn the ladies to steer clear of you and your inferior DNA. But then again, why worry about what other women might have to say about your dancing, when you’re happily dating the lovely Hobart Escorts, who don’t care whether you know how to dance or not!

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