Hobart Escorts - Sex Positions That Will Make You Perfect the Art of Spanking
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Hobart Escorts – Sex Positions That Will Make You Perfect the Art of Spanking

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If you’d like to delve into the mysterious, yet fun and exciting world of BDSM, or bondage/domination/submission and masochism, perhaps you and your partner could start with some light – spanking! Before you start however, make sure your spanking is the good kind of hurt, and ensure that you use safe words too, as well as safe materials. Here are a couple of sex positions that will make you perfect the art of spanking.

The Dungeon Doggie
If it’s your first time to dive into the dark, mysterious but exciting world of BDSM, perhaps you and your girlfriend, or the hot and alluring Hobart Escorts could try out The Dungeon Doggie! To do this, the ladies assume the doggy position on all fours, but put their face down into a pillow so they’ll experience their partner’s touch more vividly.

The guys alternate stinging strikes with deep thrusts. And in addition, a well-placed yet sporadically applied vibrator will add an infuriating yet pleasurable layer of torment!

Spank the Monkey
The ladies can send their guys into a transcendent pleasure-pain state by taking control in this sex position. Have the guy lie across her lap, with their knees bent up so their butt is exposed to her. The ladies tease their guy’s butt with whatever they are going to be hitting with (hand, spatula or flogger), and then give him a sharp surprise smack. Alternate the pain with some gentle stroking, or even a hand job!

The Butt Bongos
Adding penile-vaginal penetration to spanking often makes the foreplay fun and extra fulfilling. To do this, the guy sits in a chair, while the woman sits on his lap, lowering herself onto his boner, then leans all the way down, so her hands are on the floor. Next, the guy lifts her hips and swats her bum, as needed or desperately wanted!

Perhaps after you and your girlfriend, or favourite Hobart Escorts, have already tried one, or all of these sex positions, I guess you could both now consider yourselves as level-one spanking experts!

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