Hobart Escorts – Sex Positions That Truly Test Your Fitness Levels
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Hobart Escorts – Sex Positions That Truly Test Your Fitness Levels

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

We all know that sex makes for one great and exciting exercise routine. However, if you and your partner are simply bent on repeating the same missionary pose over and over again, then where’s the fun and variety that should always be ever-present in sex? Perhaps you could try a few sex positions that will not only make your bedroom trysts more fun and memorable, but will also further test your fitness level and stamina.

The Power Stance
Here’s one unique sex position that you can try out with your hookup partner, or even with your preferred Hobart Escorts, and it’s called the Power Stance! To get into this position, the receiving partner can start with their back against the wall, wrapping their legs around their partner, who then supports her by the hips and bottom.

While it will take the thrusting partner’s body strength to hold up his partner, the receiving partner will lean their shoulders against the wall and solely utilize their hips and abs to set the pace.

Standing to Deliver
This unique sex position is preferred by many because it keeps both partners on their toes. Well, either of you can exercise control by controlling the thrusting; thus it’s perfect for having a 2-minutes on, 2-minutes off warm-up for the two of you.

However, the woman should remember to widen her stance and ensure that her free hands are truly indulging in everything from clitoral stimulation to spanking and cupping the guy’s testicles!

The Atlas Stone
To do this equally-challenging position right, the receiving partner should crouch on a waist-high countertop, with their hands on the edge for extra support, as the thrusting partner gets used to supporting their weight, with their legs!

However, you can gradually work your way up to fully supporting your girlfriend, or lovely Hobart Escorts’ body weight, but it still would help to have her against a wall or a counter if a break is needed!

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