Hobart Escorts - Sex Positions That are Perfect For Those Who Have a Skilful Mouth
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Hobart Escorts – Sex Positions That are Perfect For Those Who Have a Skilful Mouth

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Are you skilled at using your mouth, especially during sex? Well, remember that with great mouth skill comes great responsibility, and lots of creativity. But if you don’t put to use this oral creativity immediately, you’re just going to put it all to waste! Here are a couple of sex positions that are just right for guys (and even girls) who have a skilful mouth.

The All-In
Here’s one bedroom move that would surely get your girlfriend, or even your preferred Hobart Escorts drooling with delight, and it’s called The All-In! To do this, ladies get on top facing their partner’s feet like they’re going for a face-sitting 69 kind of thing.

The guys can rub her with their fingers or fire up a sex toy while she bends down to do wonderful stuff with her mouth on his dick. For a explosive finish, the ladies could wait until she’s pretty gone a bit far, and then she slides a well-lubed finger up his bum!

The Mouth Wash
To do this move, you lie your lady face down and explore her entire body using only your mouth. Make sure you take your sweet time and tend to every part of her body, like gently nip her neck, suck her fingers, and lick your way up to her inner thigh. Once she’s already come, flip her over and slide a pillow under her hips to finish off with oral sex.

The Eargasm
To do this exciting move, ladies sit on their partner and straddle them, but instead of fully thrusting, she gently rocks her hips while kissing and sucking her way up his neck, along his jawline and up to his ears.

Next, she sucks on an earlobe and whispers filthy and even sweet things into his ear, but don’t breathe too hard in the ear, because this will sound way too loud! The mix of slow sex, whispered stuff and the feeling of mouth on ear should make the Eargasm perfect for you and any lady out there, yes that includes your preferred Hobart Escorts!

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