Hobart Escorts - Sex Moves & Habits That Women Don't Want Their Guys To Do
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Hobart Escorts – Sex Moves & Habits That Women Don’t Want Their Guys To Do

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Sex – it’s something that all of us want to have, and be very proficient at! But, according to sex experts, men feel more pressured to perform better in bed, because they’re expected to be truly macho, and make their ladies scream for more. If your ego is as big as your imaginary penis, and you do stuff that you consider “unique” (but your partner finds them disgusting), she’d either break up with you, or give you a nasty slap on the face. Here are a few sex moves that women don’t want their guys to do.

You Keep Saying “Are You There Yet?’

Just try interrupting your partner, or your favourite Hobart Escorts, especially when they’re deep in the midst of sensual passion, and you’ll likely never see them in bed with you again!

If you keep staring at the girl, give her that earnest look (like a puppy seeking approval), and keep saying “are you there yet?”, it would be 100% likely that she’d quickly lose her urge or appetite.

Shove A Woman’s Face In Your Shaft
If you’d like your woman to give you the best oral sex possible, the easiest way to get the best sucking down under would be to either say please, or be nice to her. If you think that shoving a woman’s face in your crotch is fun or playful, the truth is that most women feel like this isn’t the best approach to asking for a licking.

Most girls would even consider this as too aggressive or too sexist, and it will likely turn them off, especially if you shove her face down repeatedly. Why don’t you try to do things a little smooth and easy?

Leave Nasty Bite Marks

While most women wouldn’t mind having kiss marks on their neck, or on any other part of the body, what they really hate most are guys who leave nasty, painful bite marks.

While a little soft and tasty cuddling works wonders, guys should never sink their teeth into the girl’s thighs, or on any flesh. A guy’s unwanted vampire fetish can leave bruises, marks and hickies that will stay longer than usual on the woman’s body!

Twist Off Her Nipples

Of the different female body parts, a woman’s nipples are one of the most delicate or sensitive. And while it’s a major erogenous zone, which makes it a perfect location to commence foreplay, guys should lick or kiss it softly, or rapidly. However, they should never pinch the nipples, lie they were spoiled seven-year-old child! If you pinch the nipples accidentally, you’ll likely hear your partner scream in pain.

And finally, when you’re in the heat of passion with your spouse, or with the lovely Hobart Escorts, please take off your socks, no matter how freezing it is inside the room. These unsightly, and potentially stinky items, can effectively turn off even the horniest lady in town!

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