Hobart Escorts – Sensual Touch, and Why it Can Be as Hot and Explosive as Penetrative Sex
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Hobart Escorts – Sensual Touch, and Why it Can Be as Hot and Explosive as Penetrative Sex

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Name one activity that’s as hot and steamy as penetrative sex? Can’t think of anything? Well, according to sexual experts, “sensual touching” can be as hot and as explosive or mind-boggling as sexual intercourse! Read on to find out why.

It’s All About Exploring Your Partner’s Body
For most folks, sex is all just about having an orgasm. However, once you learn sensual touching with your girlfriend, or even with your most preferred Hobart Escorts, you will start to learn that what you’re both doing in bed is not just to get an orgasm!

Just think of sensual touching to be similar to sharing a warm hug, cuddling, sharing a bath together, having a sensual massage, or even holding a baby, or stroking your pet cat or dog! And, as the skin is the largest organ, because it’s made of millions of nerve fibres all of which respond to touch, when you touch or caress your lover you excite her skin.

And when you touch your partner’s body, her anxiety melts and her mood improves, and her troubles go away for the moment too. This indicates that touch is very important way for a woman’s sexual response, because every inch of her body can be a virtual sexual playground. However, don’t just limit yourself to exploring her breast and genitals, but explore her entire body from head to toe.

The Many Perks of Sensual Touching
According to sensual touch experts, there are actually many types of touching, and these include the following: Caressing, stroking, tickling, squeezing and tapping. The experts also stress that sensual touching requires mindfulness and presence.

And when touching your lover’s body, there are many possibilities and intentions. Are you touching to connect? Do you want to arouse her? Are you relieving tension in her body? When you are mindful and present, your touch transmits your intentions to your lover.

So, If you’re meeting up with your hookup buddy, or with your favourite Hobart Escorts, perhaps you could start your bedtime sessions with a healthy dose of sensual touching first, if only to make things more refreshing, and uplifting for both of you!

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