Hobart Escorts – Secrets for Better, Steaming Sex
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Hobart Escorts – Secrets for Better, Steaming Sex

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Like many things in life, sex has a few rules that make the experience better for you and your partner. Even experienced courtesans like the ones featured in the pages of Hobart Escorts kept them in mind while still learning the ropes, so to speak. They wouldn’t hold true if they didn’t have a desired effect of some sort.

If you want to have hotter, steamier sex, here are a few tips to remember the next time you’re with a sexy babe.

  1. Don’t skip foreplay. It doesn’t take much for a bloke to get ready, but foreplay isn’t an option for women. Aside from pain, it’s not a fun experience if you’re thrusting in and out of her and she isn’t turned on. She’s just not going to enjoy it, and she won’t want to do it again.


To that end, you need to make sure both of you are in the mood. If not, things won’t be as passionate, and you won’t enjoy it as much as you could have.

  1. Nix the alcohol. A drink or two is perfectly fine, but you’ll want to hold off on having sex after. After all, alcohol impairs your thinking, so even just a couple of drinks might put you out of touch with your partner. When that happens, you’re less likely to be blown away by the experience.


  1. Don’t make too much eye contact. There is such a thing as creepy eye contact, and you don’t want to cross the line from romantic into that territory. Meet your partner’s gaze to boost intimacy, but make sure you blink or close your eyes. Don’t do it constantly, either, because she may see it as a sign of insincerity especially if you’re not the type to look her in the eye a lot.


  1. Respect her needs. Whether your partner wants the lights off, or you’ve been doing some heavy petting and kissing but she just isn’t getting into the mood for penetrative sex, respect that. You don’t lose anything by giving in to her needs or wants now and then.


Just remember these tips, and you’ll soon have awesome sex, no matter who you happen to be with. Want to hone your skills or just need some company? Browse the gallery at Hobart Escorts to find the woman of your dreams – today!

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