Hobart Escorts – Reasons She'll Turn You Down and How to Deal
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Hobart Escorts – Reasons She’ll Turn You Down and How to Deal

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Rejection is something a lot of people are afraid of, and unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. At some point, you’ll be turned down by that babe you want, even though the lovely women at Hobart Escorts helped you hone your skills with the ladies. It’s a good thing, then, that rejection doesn’t have to be the norm for you.

Ladies have different reasons for rejecting blokes, with some you can control and others that you can’t. To help boost your chances of her saying ‘yes’, here are a few of the more common reasons and how to deal with them.

  1. Too much confidence, or too little of it. Have you ever been to a restaurant or some other public place and found yourself grinding your teeth out of irritation at the bloke who acted like he owned the place? If you don’t like that kind of attitude, neither does she. It’s the same for blokes who are insecure and let others push them around.


If you don’t want her to turn you down, work on carrying yourself confidently without bragging about accomplishments. Make eye contact, don’t be too fidgety, and choose your words carefully.

  1. Hygiene. Even if you’re confident, polite, and likeable all around, a visible lack of personal hygiene may be the culprit behind a rejection. There’s no reason you can’t look after yourself, though. At minimum, you just need to wash up, brush your teeth, and spray on some cologne, even comb your hair a bit. If you put in the effort for that, the ladies will at least consider you a potential date.


  1. No chemistry. Whether this is physical attraction or chemistry in the bedroom, the result is the same. You don’t want to force things if the spark just isn’t there. It’s better if you accept that and move on, find another girl you feel attraction for, and try again.


  1. Bad luck. You make sure you look presentable, and you’ve found a way to strike the balance when it comes to confidence. Even if the chemistry is there, you might have had the bad luck of approaching her on a bad day. If you push through with pursuing this babe, try and see if she’s in a good mood next time.

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