Hobart Escorts - One-Night Stand Do's & Dont's For Naive Newcomers
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Hobart Escorts – One-Night Stand Do’s & Dont’s For Naive Newcomers

Hobart EscortsIf you’ve seen how one night stands are portrayed in the popular Hollywood movies today, you’d probably see mixed results. Like anything else in life, one night stands are rife with sloppiness, errors and dumb acts, although most guys learn to perfect the art through constant practice and experience. If you haven’t tried hooking up with women in bars and other social gatherings, here are a couple of sensible rules to follow, to ensure success and prevent potential embarrassment.

Go For It!

If you’re looking for casual sex, let’s say tonight, then don’t dilly-dally or be unsure of yourself – just go for it! According to one noted sex expert, “give yourself permission to have a one night stand. Don’t be too concerned with how you should act, or think about how others will perceive you”. But if you’d like a more relaxed, no-frills way to have fun, then call the lovely Hobart Escorts instead!

Don’t Be A Dick

In life, you should learn to treat people and even animals with respect. When it comes to one night stands, even if you don’t plan to see the woman again, do treat her with respect. Think of her as someone else’s sister or daughter, and consider one night stands a a pleasant surprise, not an inherent privilege or right.

Don’t Forget To Bring Some Protection

Before you head out to the bar or club, bring a condom with you always. If you forgot to bring one, then pick one up at the convenience store or pharmacy. Otherwise, do anything else except direct intercourse, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re already in bed with your date, don’t get too caught up in the moment to use a condom. It won’t hurt you and your partner if you halt foreplay for just a few minutes to grab a rubber, because it’s going to be more sensible than dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, or sexually transmitted infections.

Talk About Your Fantasies

What’s so nice about one night stands is that it’s an occasion where people can freely experiment, and openly talk about their fantasies, as long as they’re on the same page.

However, don’t quickly rush to judgement and do anything freaky or nasty, especially if you haven’t discussed the terms and conditions ahead of time. According to a young lady named “Alice”, “I totally freaked out when my recent one night stand partner asked me to shout “fuck me daddy!” while engaging in vigorous sex, because we didn’t agree on anything like that beforehand”.

After the one night stand has ended, carefully assess if your partner is sober enough to go home by herself, and make a clear or rational decision. If you think she’s had one too many drinks already, set her up on the couch, and give her water and some medications. By treating her with respect, you’ll certainly feel better about yourself in the morning.

If it’s your first time to go on a one night stand, never force a woman to have sex with you if she says no! If you ask her the same question three or four times, you’ll definitely look desperate and annoying! Well, if you’re having a  tough time hooking up with a girl in a bar, why not call our lovely and sexy Hobart Escorts, and enjoy the best “girlfriend experience” ever!

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