Hobart Escorts - New Study Reveals That the Average Age People Are Losing Their Virginity is Rising
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Hobart Escorts – New Study Reveals That the Average Age People Are Losing Their Virginity is Rising

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Hobart Escorts

Have you wondered at what age do today’s teenagers lose their virginity? Well, if during your time it was 15 or 16 years old, recent data provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the percentage of US high school students who’ve had sex is going down, and it’s going down a lot! Read on to find out more about this worrisome trend.

The Average Age US Teenagers Have Sex Is 17

Do you remember the very first time you had sex?  Or better, do you remember when you first dated the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts? According to the CDC, while the average age American teenagers have sex is 17, which has been the same for quite some time already, the proportion of teens who have sex before they turn 15 has been on a steady decline!

The latest CDC data from 2017 shows that around 39% of US high school students had sex, compared to nearly 48% in 20017. Another organisation, the Guttmacher Institute in the US also reported that the number of teens who’ve had sex by age 15 has also gone down since 1995.

Researchers Say That Teens Today Are Generally Less Intrigued by the Real Thing

Researchers from various organisations have already taken many guesses as to why the rate of sexual activity among teenagers not just in the US, but elsewhere, has gone down significantly. Some researchers say that this has something to do with the fact that sexting exists, and teenagers today are simply less generally intrigued by the real thing.

Others also think that it may have more to do with the way people now talk more openly about sex, and treat it less as a pre-marital no-no. One noted US university professor says that culturally, we may have shifted away from sex being a taboo that adolescents would sort of reach out for.

But then again, I guess it would be better if teenagers have sex when they’re ready, with a partner who’s also ready, and by all means use a proper form of contraception. But then again, if you’re not a newbie to sex anymore, what’s stopping you from having more fun with the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts?

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