Hobart Escorts - New Research Reveals That Smartphones Can Take a Toll on Your Sex Life
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Hobart Escorts – New Research Reveals That Smartphones Can Take a Toll on Your Sex Life

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Hobart Escorts

Do you spend so much time tinkering with your smart gadgets, or chatting and watching videos on your smartphone? If you do, then I’m afraid this is going to take a heavy toll on your sex life! A study done by researchers at Baylor University in the US surveyed more than 450 adults to define and gauge the impact of what they call “phubbing’ or partner phone snubbing. This is when people use or get distracted by cell phones while in their partner’s company.
Read on to find out how today’s smartphones can take a toll on your sex life.

Phubbing Often Creates Conflict, and Leads to Lower Levels of Relationship Satisfaction
Do any of your hookup buddies, or the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts, complain about your smartphone habits? Because if they’re already complaining, I guess you need to seriously consider toning down your smartphone habits!

The Baylor University researchers stressed that when someone perceived that their partner “phubbed” them, this created conflict, and also led to lower levels of relationship satisfaction. The study team said that these lower levels of relationship satisfaction in turn led to lower levels of life satisfaction, and ultimately higher levels of depression.

More Than 46% of Respondents Said They Had Been Phubbed By Their Romantic Partner
What was surprising is that more than 46% of respondents in the Baylor survey said that their partner had phubbed them, with nearly 23% saying that phubbing triggered conflict in their relationships. Around 37% also confessed that they felt depressed at least some of the time, while just 32% of respondents said that they were very satisfied with their relationship.

So, while most assume that their brief cell phone distractions are no big deal, the survey indicates that that is not the case.

So, before your smartphone habits start to make a dent on your relationships, or even in the quality of your erotic time with the lovely Hobart Escorts, I guess you should start learning how to be responsible with using your phone, or some other tech gadget!

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