Hobart Escorts – New Poll Says That Those with the Happiest Sex Lives Are Likely to Think That Gender is Fluid
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Hobart Escorts – New Poll Says That Those with the Happiest Sex Lives Are Likely to Think That Gender is Fluid

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

What makes you happy, sex-wise? Well, if you ask the researchers and scientists out there, part of achieving sexual satisfaction isn’t so much about what you do in bed, but how you think, and whether you have an open mind! Read more to find out why those who have the happiest sex lives are more likely to think that gender is fluid.

50% of Millennials Believe That Gender is a Spectrum
Do you consider yourself an “open-minded” person, especially when it comes to talk about sexuality? And how does your girlfriend, or the lovely and alluring Hobart Escorts, view sex and sexuality in general?

In a poll conducted by Esquire.com just last year on what makes people happy, sex wise, nearly half of respondents, or 47% of them, are happy with their sex lives, and of those people, 42% believe that gender is fluid.

But if you still don’t have an idea of what the term “fluid” really means, perhaps you should check another poll done in 2016 (Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll) which found that 50% of millennials believe that gender is a spectrum. This means that these respondents considered themselves to be sometimes male and sometimes female, or both male and female, or neither male or female! The other words to describe this sexual fluidity of sorts include “genderfluid”, “non-binary” and “genderqueer”!

Open Minds Lead to More Pleasure
While a wide array of factors influence how good your romp was last night, or last year, there’s mounting evidence to prove that an open mind leads to more pleasure, of the erotic type of course. After all, more acceptance in the bedroom can foster trust, which can also allow both parties to express themselves in the heat of the moment without judgment!

Psychologists and sex researchers also added that emphatic individuals are more responsive to a partner’s needs, and they develop a positive feedback cycle too. These traits can also help break down all the impediments to sexual communication and exploration. So, the next time you meet up with your hookup partner, or with your favourite Hobart Escorts, have an open mind, along with a more varied erotic routine!

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