Hobart Escorts - New Poll Reveals the Surprising Sex Habits of Millennials
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Hobart Escorts – New Poll Reveals the Surprising Sex Habits of Millennials

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

When it comes to talk about sex, and the different generation groups, why is there so much buzz about the sex lives of – millennials? Well, if you know a little, or perhaps none, about the bedroom lives and habits of these colourful individuals who were born from 1985- 2004 (Am I correct?), here’s a look at a new poll that reveals the most surprising sex habits of millennials.

Millennials Love Birthday Sex
Are you an ardent proponent of “birthday sex”? Well, if you haven’t tried this yet, perhaps on your birthday, you should book a date with the lovely and sultry Hobart Escorts! Well, around 79% of millennials have had sex on their natal day!

And apart from their birthday, millennials also love shagging on Valentine’s Day (73%), their wedding day (70%) and subsequently their wedding anniversary (what? Well 67% say they do), vacation (63%) and New Year’s Day (58%).

Sex versus Internet: Millennials go for the Internet!
If the millennials were made to choose between sex and the Internet, a whopping 63% of these individuals say that they’d give up sex for Internet, for an entire year! Damn, that’s 12 months of zero shagging, and 100 percent Web surfing!

Texts and Sexts
Around 57% of millennials have done sexting too, with 11% saying that they do it several times a week, while 7% say they sext daily. And when it comes to sexting, around 49% of millennial men and women have also sent naked photos, but only 25% of them have used Snapchat.

And for millennials, sex is more than just being done in the bedroom, as more than 78% of them have had sex in the living room, while 64% did it in a car, 49% had sex in the kitchen, and 25% did it in the laundry room!

I guess after reading this, you’ll have more unique and colourful erotic ideas to share with your hookup mates, as well as your most preferred Hobart Escorts!

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