Hobart Escorts – Mutual Masturbation, And How it Can Help Enhance Intimacy
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Hobart Escorts – Mutual Masturbation, And How it Can Help Enhance Intimacy

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Hobart Escorts

Perhaps you’ve already read of a number of articles that extol the benefits of self-love (I mean masturbation!), and you’ve also heard the experts heap praise on the perks of jerking off. However, have you ever heard of stuff like – mutual masturbation? Read on to find out why mutual masturbation can help enhance intimacy.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Masturbate Together
The very idea that masturbation is a separate act for two individuals to enjoy, quite often alone, is a very antiquated and out-dated sexual concept. Thus, why not kill two birds with one stone by masturbating together? Perhaps when you meet up with the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts tonight, you could freely talk about the perks of mutual masturbation!

Depending on you and your partner, mutual masturbation can be discussed beforehand, or in a spur of the moment. If a dialogue is what makes you feel comfortable, discuss what will turn you and your partner on during the scene. Some cool questions that you can include in the conversation include: “Where will you be seated?” “Do you prefer to lie down?” “Are you comfortable with your partner watching you?”.

But if you choose to be spontaneous, remember that consent is key. Once you’ve both consented to doing it, both of you can start by mutually masturbating together, and end with intercourse, or vice versa. Just make sure you experiment with what makes you feel good together and separate.

Introduce More Playfulness By Incorporating Toys Into the Scene
What’s more exciting about mutual masturbation is that your partner can help. For example, while you’re touching yourself, your partner can kiss or massage other areas of your body, if you are not comfortable with zero contact whatsoever.

And if you decide to join in while your lady masturbates, make sure to take it slow and easy, by circling her areas of sensitivity, and exploring her breasts, thighs, belly and other areas. And of course, mutual masturbation would be more fun and exciting by introducing more playfulness, of which you can do this by incorporating your girlfriend, or lovely Hobart Escorts’ favourite sex toys into the scene!

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