Hobart Escorts – Helpful Facts & Figures About Domination and Submission, for Naughty Beginners
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Hobart Escorts – Helpful Facts & Figures About Domination and Submission, for Naughty Beginners

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Hobart Escorts

If you’ve recently shown a little interest in the mysterious yet exciting world of BDSM, or bondage/domination/submission and masochism, perhaps you’ve gotten a little bit intrigued too with how stuff like dominance and submission work? Dominance and submission (which is also called D/s), refers to “a set of behaviours, customs and rituals involving the submission of one person to another in an erotic episode or lifestyle”. Here are a couple of helpful facts and figures about dominance and submission, especially for naughty beginners.

There Can Be A Number of Partners in A D/s Relationship

Looking to spice up an otherwise dull and boring sex life? Perhaps you and your girlfriend, or favourite Hobart Escorts, could engage in some light-hearted dominance and submission tonight in bed!

According to BDSM experts, there can be a number of partners in a D/s relationship. For example one dominant can have several “submissives”, who in turn can dominate others too, or a “submissive” may have a multiple number of “dominants” too!

In a D/s relationship, the setup may be monogamous or polyamorous, and romantic love may not be necessarily a feature in dominance and submission. This means that some dominance and submission relationships are sexual while others are chaste, and some D/s partners could be in love, or have no romantic feelings at all!

The Variations And Activities In D/s Vary

What’s so nice about delving in dominance and submission is that the variations are literally limitless, as well as the number of potential activities or set-ups, which may also be mixed or combined with other forms of BDSM.

For example, the variations include domestic servitude or consensual slavery (in D/s, nothing is ever done without the consent of both partners!), enforced chastity of the submissive, erotic humiliation, sexual slavery, verbal humiliation, fetishes like shoe or boot worship, latex and heavy rubber.

D/s could also include cross-dressing, whipping, corporal punishment, trampling, human furniture, public humiliation, and more. Perhaps you could at least try a couple of these D/s variations with your hookup partner, or even with your preferred Hobart Escorts someday soon!

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