Hobart Escorts – Having More Sex Can be Good For Your Job or Business, New Study Reveals
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Hobart Escorts – Having More Sex Can be Good For Your Job or Business, New Study Reveals

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Are you not having as much sex as you want? If your answer is yes, perhaps you need to hike the frequency of your bedroom trysts and quickies, because according to a new study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University in the US, having more sex can be good for your job or business venture!

More Sex Leads to Higher Job Satisfaction and Productivity

If you hook up with ladies as hot and sexy as the Hobart Escorts only once a week, or worse once a month, perhaps you need increase the frequency further, because the Oregon State University researchers found out that those who were having more sex reported higher job satisfaction, and overall higher productivity in their job or business endeavours!

The researchers had study participants fill out two surveys every day, and found out that the people who were having more sex had better moods, and that those better moods extended to higher energy and engagement levels at work or business, throughout the day!

The Sexual Glow and Energy Seemed to Last 24 Hours and Even More

And apart from increasing productivity at work or business, the study team also found that this sexual energy and mood boost seemed to last around 24 hours, or even more, after the deed was done!

The reason for this was that orgasm releases lots of feel-good chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, which can uplift the mood and make you happy.  I guess this explains why countries like France have recently passed laws requiring employers to let their employees completely unplug, and have sex regularly! And in Sweden, the parliament is even considering mandating employers to give their workers sex breaks too!

So, what’s holding you from enjoying more fun time sin bed with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Hobart Escorts? Just get up, and get it on as much as you want!


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