Hobart Escorts - Golden Trio: Killer Moves To Give Her An Orgasm
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Hobart Escorts – Golden Trio: Killer Moves To Give Her An Orgasm

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Most gentlemen think intercourse is the ultimate and the only way to get their ladies moaning in ecstasy. And yet, scientists have discovered that there are actually three killer moves that can send any woman to the seventh heaven. How about you – have you discovered the best way to make your partner or anyone of the Hobart Escorts orgasm?

Orgasm Is Real – The Golden Trio Makes It Happen

Pretty sure you already have done stimulation on her erogenous zones especially her vagina and clitoris, have kissed her on the mouth and other crevices deeply, and what’s more – have let your tongue roam wild and free on her every nook and cranny! Did you notice how she writhed and wriggled her way to the Big O with such moves? Actually, you’ve nailed it – the golden trio!

Guys may not be aware that the golden trio of sexual moves – genital stimulation, deep kissing plus oral sex, is the very key to women’s climax! According to a study, when done in combination, the golden trio holds the key to increasing the chances of making a babe orgasm.

Many people, even some ladies themselves think orgasm doesn’t exist, or if at all, it’s kind of elusive because not every female experience it. Some dudes may even go to the extreme of saying dames fake it just to make it known that it exists.

This new study written in the journal ‘Archives of Sexual Behaviour’ proves that such phenomenon is true. Around 52,000 respondents, all of them having monogamous relationships and with ages ranging between 18 and 65 years, were involved in the survey. An astonishing discovery is that, vaginal intercourse alone isn’t what makes a girl orgasm. Rather it’s a combination of those three aforesaid techniques.

Around 30% of male participants think intercourse is the best way towards female orgasm. Nonetheless, the golden trio isn’t the end-all and the be-all of orgasm. If your lady doesn’t cum with the strategy, it could be because the female biological make-up is complicated unlike males which is pretty much simple. Most guys, if not all, cum during orgasm, because nature meant it to be.

Regardless, with or without the golden trio, the experts suggest that you communicate openly with your partner if you want to be both fulfilled in bed. Communication is still key to a satisfying relationship whether with your spouse or the irresistible Hobart Escorts.

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