Hobart Escorts – Fight Stress and Get Down and Dirty
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Hobart Escorts – Fight Stress and Get Down and Dirty

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Stress is a part of life – there’s no denying that. Of course, everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, whether it’s by working out or by watching several episodes of a favourite TV series. The trained courtesans at Hobart Escorts, though, hold that there’s no better way to release tension than by having an orgasm.

After all, you still work up a sweat in the bedroom, or wherever you choose to get down and dirty, and pounding and thrusting away with a willing partner will definitely help ease pent-up frustration. So what positions are best for whatever is eating you inside?

  1. When you’re not feeling great about your body. Maybe you’re a little down that you don’t have arms like Chris Hemsworth, or your abs are less than rock-hard. Fortunately, your partner is more likely to focus on how great your cock feels inside her, or how long you can last in bed.

Have her get on top, cowgirl-style, where your own focus is sure to go to her gorgeous body.

  1. When work is making you feel small. You can’t always avoid those days where you feel beat down and let down, or the boss just makes a bad day worse. Give your ego a boost by getting into doggy position, or any variation of it. It helps you confirm your masculinity and power, while she gets great G-spot stimulation – a win-win situation for you both.
  1. When you feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin. On those days you end up trying to do too much and end up worn out at the end of the day, sex may be the furthest from your mind. A position that requires concentration, like the wheelbarrow, may help stop you from stressing over all those pending tasks.

Slow, lazy sex, like in the spooning position, also gives you time to truly enjoy that bedroom romp, since it’s a rare time in your day where you don’t feel rushed, so savour it.

Of course, you don’t always have to wait until your stressed before you try changing your bedroom routine with a new position or variation of one. Browse the gallery at Hobart Escorts and find your perfect partner to let those everyday tensions keep from getting you down – today!

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