Hobart Escorts – Fantastic Sex Tips From All Around the World
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Hobart Escorts – Fantastic Sex Tips From All Around the World

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

When it comes to wooing women to bed, the tactics and strategies vary from one country to another. Whether the guys are from Argentina or Ukraine, perhaps most guys realise that their pleasure rises and falls with hers, and that by stoking her fires, they will have hotter sex more often! To that end, Men’s Health Magazine interviewed hundreds of women and sex experts from around the globe, and the result is a discovery of new and truly fantastic sex tips from all around the world.

Want to Last Longer in Bed? Follow What the Hungarians Are Doing!
Looking to last longer in bed, to the delight of your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts? There’s actually a Hungarian proverb which says “Do not paint the devil on the wall, for it will appear”.

Translation: The area of the brain responsible for triggering orgasm is engages whether you’re trying to have one or halt one. In simpler terms, the saying means that the more attention you pay to your orgasm, the more likely it is to arrive. So, concentrate on gauging your partner’s response to each instead, until you find her sweet spot!

The Spanish Love the “Downward Dog” Position
If you want to effectively target your lover’s G-spot, perhaps you should take heed from what the Spanish are doing, as they love doing the “Downward Dog” sex position! To do this, ask here to rest her chest on the bed while lifting her rear in the air.

From your knees, enter her from behind. Thrust downward slightly and the bottom of your penis will massage her vaginal wall where her G-spot is located. According to a Spanish sexologist, this position lengthens her vaginal wall, which tightens her and makes you feel bigger!

India: The Fusion
To do “The Fusion” which is a hit among Indian couples, first the guys sit on the bed or floor with their legs extended out in front of them. Lean back about 15 degrees, supporting yourself with your arms.

Next, ask your girlfriend, or perhaps your preferred Hobart Escorts, to sit facing you, and help her lower herself on your penis while she leans back and supports her body, with her arms behind her. According to a popular Indian sex therapist, this is one of the few sex positions in which the union of sexual orgasm is visible for both partners!

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