Hobart Escorts - Do You Feel The Blues After A Satisfactory Sex?
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Hobart Escorts – Do You Feel The Blues After A Satisfactory Sex?

Hobart Escorts

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If there’s postnatal blues there’s also post-sex blues. But, why would you feel sad after a bout of ‘good’ intercourse? Do you feel unhappy after rolling in the hay even if your partner was as sleazy as the Hobart Escorts?

Well, you have to be observant with your ladylove since studies have shown that a growing number of women are becoming depressed even if the sex was fulfilling. Just look at her face if you can find the post-coital afterglow! If not, then putting it back would need a deep and serious look at what may be causing it.

Depression After A Coital Encounter

As sex experts say, it’s just normal to feel a little exhausted after a mind-blowing action between the sheets. However, the one-third of women in a survey who have expressed feelings of sadness and depression after a satisfactory sex, is something serious and merits attention. As per an Australian study results published in the International Journal of Sexual Health, the said condition is given the official term “post-coital dysphoria”. This is impinging on 10 percent of the women’s sex life on a regular basis. When depressed after coital encounter, a woman may manifest symptoms such as anxiety, regrets, restlessness, irritability.

According to the researchers, the condition was thought of at first as existing among college-age ladies. However, further analysis revealed that both older guys and gals alike are becoming affected. And it isn’t only after sex but after masturbation as well. The experts likened it to ‘buyer’s remorse’ where a customer turns regretful taking into his possession what he thought at first was a ‘good buy’.

What Could Be The Culprit

The feelings about sex vary for adult people, partly because of their religious and/or cultural upbringing, notwithstanding other influences, hence, the guilt feelings after a sexual bout. Experts see this as a factor in individuals who are inclined to adapt sexually addictive behaviours. They are the ones most likely to feel a big let-down following orgasm.

The phenomenon is puzzling the authorities somewhat but then they theorise that this could be attributed to hormonal changes after orgasm. Another possibility is unresolved issues outside of the bedroom which includes body issues, self-esteem, falling out of love (or lust), financial, among others.

If you or your partner from one of the exquisite Hobart Escorts starts to feel sad frequently after a mind-blowing coupling, maybe a trip to a counsellor or sex therapist will do good!

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