Hobart Escorts – Debased Sexual Fantasies That Have Been Turned To Art Performances
Hobart Best Escorts

Hobart Escorts – Debased Sexual Fantasies That Have Been Turned To Art Performances

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

The art scene of the 50s or 60s, and even the “wild” 70s consisted of stuff that were mainly derived from twisted, drug-induced minds.  Fast forward to today, and you’ll see more weird stuff coming out of the underground art scene, with performances and exhibits by sadists, drag queens, and, err,  sexual perverts. But if you’re looking for art performances that go way beyond the usual, here’s a look at a few debased sexual fantasies that have been turned to eye-popping performance art exhibitions.

Namio Harukawa’s Femdom Art

If you’d like to see paintings or drawings that depict women with big butts and sitting atop the faces of submissive men, then perhaps you should see his art series titled “Ecstasy Under Her”. His artwork is featured in the virtual Museum of Femdom Art, and comprises 916 drawings which depict total female domination! Perhaps he should be drawing the well-sculpted and truly voluptuous bodies of the Hobart Escorts too!

His paintings and drawing of big-breasted and big-butt ladies who sit on the faces of willing male submissives, and ride them like horses have drawn raves from those who’ve seen it already. Perhaps Namio drew those portraits or images with one hand beneath the desk,groping his manhood!

Cheng Li’s Art Whore Exhibition

The art scene in China could either be a reflection of its urge to break free from the tight grip of the state (because it’s still is a Communist country), or because its citizens are just freaking horny. The commercialisation or art is one topic that many artists try to penetrate, but many have not been successful, perhaps except for Cheng Li.

Cheng Li’s attempt to link the artistic profession to prostitution is best depicted, in glaring X-rated quality, because he’s having sex in public with his female assistant!

The live sex-cum-art performance was shown in Cheng Li’s 2011 Art Whore exhibition at Beijing’s Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall. The live, non-simulated sex was only carried out in front of a hand-picked audience, perhaps if only to appease the restrictions made by the government.

Li however, upped the ante and took his performance to the museum’s balcony, for everyone to see it! For his wonderful depiction of outdoor sex, Li was sentenced to one year of tough work in a labour camp.

Jess Dobkin’s Live Fisting Performances

If you’d like to see what looks like characters taken out from the Muppet’s Show, and one character is “fisting” what looks like Kermit The Frog, then you better check out what performance artist Jess Dobkin did at Toronto, Canada’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, in 2009.

Dobkin dressed up as Kermit while her other female partner dressed herself to look like Muppet’s creator Jim Henson, and fisted her while she was lip-syncing a song! Now isn’t this something nice to emulate with your hot and lovely Hobart Escorts this weekend?


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