Hobart Escorts – A Fair Assessment of the Perks of the Butterfly Sex Position
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Hobart Escorts – A Fair Assessment of the Perks of the Butterfly Sex Position

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Looking to liven up your usual bedroom routine? Well, if the missionary and standing positions are starting to bore you to sleep, as well as your partner, perhaps you should try out something new like – the butterfly position! According to sex experts, this position is very comfortable for both partners, although it would help if a pillow is placed under the knees as this would be very useful for the kneeling penetrator! Here’s a factual assessment of the perks of the butterfly position.
What The Man Does In The Butterfly Pose
What’s the best thing about the butterfly sex position? Well, if you do this often, perhaps your girlfriend or even your preferred Hobart Escorts, will thank you for the effort, because you’ll be doing most of grinding!

In the butterfly position, the man has his hands under the girl’s hips and is raising them up, while the girl gets to lie back and enjoy it! Bu if the guy wants to penetrate her more vigorously, he can actually hold her thighs, as this will make things a lot easier for stronger penetration.

But just because the guy is doing most of the hard work, it doesn’t mean that the girls won’t be doing anything! While the girl can choose to be passive, she can actually find the Butterfly position to be more pleasurable, if she controls how high her hips are raised.
And if the girl’s hips are raised properly, the guy’s penis will be in direct contact with the upper wall of her vagina, and it will allow him to directly stimulate her G-spot, which can lead to truly explosive orgasms! The girl could also opt to rub her clit or her breasts, and talk dirty to her man.
What To Consider Before Doing The Butterfly Sex Position
Before trying out the Butterfly position for the first time, here are a couple of things to consider. First, use pillows or cushions under the lady’s hips or waist. This ensures that guys won’t get too tired from holding her legs up, and the woman won’t get tired too from trying to keep them raised.

And to get maximum pleasure from the Butterfly position, make sure that your girlfriend, or lovely Hobart Escorts’ hips are slightly higher than yours!

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