Hobart Escorts – 5 Things About a Woman's Breast That Most Dudes Don't Know
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Hobart Escorts – 5 Things About a Woman’s Breast That Most Dudes Don’t Know

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Hobart Escorts

Ask any guy out there which part of a woman’s body do they immediately notice, and gawk about, and most would perhaps say it’s her – breasts! However, there are still a lot of things about a girl’s breast that guys still don’t know, no matter how many close encounters they had with it! So, we asked some real women to give us a little of their itsy-bitsy secrets about their breasts that they don’t usually share with the opposite sex.

Touching Them Doesn’t Always Feel Good
Ask any woman out there, including your most preferred Hobart Escorts, if touching their breasts always feels good, and perhaps you’d be surprised with their answers! Well, the ladies with larger breasts say that they don’t really feel much from that effort, and not every woman is into having their nipples sucked on, because they feel like he’s breastfeeding!

They Get Bigger and More Sensitive During Periods
When a woman has her period, her breasts get more sensitive, but not in a good way. Thus, when they have their period, they don’t usually like them being grabbed on mashed. And yes, they look bigger but that’s because they are sore!

They Require Some Grooming
If you think that the areas around a woman’s breast don’t grow hair, well you’re wrong. The truth is that a woman’s nipples can get hairy too, which some women actually enjoy plucking out with a tweezer!

You Don’t Have to Treat Them Both Equally
While some women would think that it’s so sweet that you’re paying equal attention to both of their breasts, the truth is that you don’t actually have to feel bad about leaving one nipple without as much love and attention as the other, because they won’t actually notice how much time you spent sucking them!

Fondling Them Won’t Be an Instant Turn-On
Unlike when girls make a quick grab for your dick, pulling the same move on your girlfriend, or lovely Hobart Escorts’ breasts won’t necessarily have that same instant turn-on effect. Yes, their boobs are not like an “on” switch for sex!

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