Hobart Escorts – 5 Incredible Reasons to Try Slow Sex
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Hobart Escorts – 5 Incredible Reasons to Try Slow Sex

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Slow sex. That may sound boring, but for some – especially women, including a number of the gorgeous vixens at Hobart Escorts – it’s the best, steamiest sort of sex. While there’s nothing wrong with quickies and hot, passionate sex, there’s something about slowing everything up that just makes the experience that much hotter and more unforgettable.

If you’ve been wondering how to spice up your sex life, slow sex may be a good choice. Here are a few reasons why.

1. You’ll last longer. You’re not pounding your girl and just thrusting away, so you won’t tire out as easily when compared to going at it fast and hard. It will also take you longer to reach your climax, so you get to enjoy the whole thing more. As if that weren’t enough, your partner will love you even more for not cumming quickly.

2. The experience is more intense. When you slow everything down, from foreplay to the actual act of penetration, you feel every touch, caress, kiss, and so on that much more intensely. Who wouldn’t like kisses that feel more passionate because of how long your lips are locked, or a sensual massage that really lets the anticipation build?

3. It’s more intimate. When you have slow sex instead of going at your usual fast pace, you can’t help but really appreciate your partner and her body. You can’t help but feel closer to her as a result of that, and that will help your relationship become a stronger one.

4. Your girl has better chances of finishing too. Everyone knows that many women take longer than men to reach orgasm, and not all babes finish each time. When you slow things down and sex lasts much longer, there’s a better chance that she’ll become relaxed, aroused, and stimulated enough to reach the Big O herself.

5. It’s more satisfying. Quickies are all well and good, and going at it fast and hard is fine if that’s what you like – but you might have the feeling that it could have gone much better. When you have slow sex, your partner can experience the intimacy she’s looking for, and you get to really enjoy yourself. That’s why it’s more satisfying for you both.

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