Hobart Escorts - 4 Subtle Ways You're Being a Controlling Boyfriend
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Hobart Escorts – 4 Subtle Ways You’re Being a Controlling Boyfriend

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We all want to be that loving and supportive partner who helps our significant other lead a better life. No one wants to be known as the jealous, extremely controlling partner, because that limits their chances at future relationships. In fact, a controlling boyfriend could be the reason behind a few Hobart escorts choosing their current line of work.

Many people try to control their partners in subtle ways, though, especially when it feels like they’re heading in a different direction. The danger lies in that urge to help our partners turning into an obsession, and often for the wrong reasons. Sadly, men are the ones more prone to this, and they don’t often realise when they’re being controlling, let alone when they start drifting into that category.

That’s because there are actually two types of controlling boyfriends – people can easily spot the first type, but almost no one can spot the second. The first type is the one who’s violent and often uses force to control their girl. The second type never tries to dominate the relationship, but still manages to keep their partner in a figurative cage.

How can you tell if you’re moving into that second category? Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for.

1. You’re uneasy when your girl goes out with her friends. You worry that they’re going to be a bad influence on her, or you can almost see one of her guy buds start hitting on her. If you’re not careful, you could start giving her subtle hints about who you’d rather see her hanging out with.

2. You’re borderline stalking her. Not only do you want your girl getting in touch with you every hour or so, but you also want her to tell you whenever you go anywhere, even if she’s just going to grab coffee with friends.

3. You have a different set of rules for yourself. You practically choose who she can spend time with, often based on whom you like and whom you don’t. However, when she asks you not to hang out with certain individuals because she dislikes them, you tell her she’s being misunderstanding and mistrustful. Why shouldn’t the rules you set for her apply to you, too?

4. You find subtle ways to put her down. Anything she does will have at least one flaw, which only you can see, and you help her do a better job because that’s what loving boyfriends do. In the worst-case scenario, you make it looks like she can’t do a thing without turning to you for help.

Before you start beating yourself up for being a controlling boyfriend – even without you realizing it – you need to remember you’re not inherently a bad person. You just have some issues you need to deal with – and hiring one of the Hobart escorts you find online now and then may not help as much as you think. Talking with your girl is always a good first step.

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