Hobart Escorts - 4 Popular Kink Flicks That Were Shown Decades Ahead of the Fifty Shades of Grey
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Hobart Escorts – 4 Popular Kink Flicks That Were Shown Decades Ahead of the Fifty Shades of Grey

Hobart Escorts

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Who says that it’s only now that people are openly talking about kink, or anything that’s related to BDSM, or Bondage/Domination/Sadism and Masochism? Well, perhaps it’s those young college kids who saw movies like the Fifty Shades of Grey, and its sequel fifty Shades Darker, and were probably thinking that BDSM was relatively new stuff! Here’s a peek at a few popular kink flicks that were shown years ahead, or even decades ahead of the E.L. James movie adaptation.

The Night Porter (1974)
Here’s one classic kink flick that you should watch along with your girlfriend, hookup buddy or favourite Hobart Escorts, and it’s titled “The Night Porter”! The movie stars Charlotte Rampling as a Holocaust survivor who, more than a decade after World War 2, rekindles a sexual relationship with the man who tortured her in a concentration camp.

‘Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!’ (1989)
In this classic Pedro Almodovar flick, a man played by Antonio Banderas ties up a woman in her home, as he’s sure that she’ll fall in love with him if she can just stay for a while. And by the time the pair eventually have hot sex, then the rope’s come off (obviously!)

‘Crash’ (1996)
David Cronenberg’s 1996 movie centers on a couple who have a fading sex life, but discover mutual sexual interest in fender benders. However, the film has a happy ending of sorts, as the lead characters revive their once-fading bedroom chemistry by bringing themselves to the brink of death in a vehicular accident!

Quills (2000)
Based on an Obie-winning play by Doug Wright, “Quills” centers on the life and sleazy exploits of Marquis de Sade, the notorious 18th-century French nobleman who found it so thrilling to torture and have sex with young boys and girls. But when he eventually lands at an asylum for the insane, the Marquis naughtily talks about his previous exploits to his laundry maid, played by the lovely Kate Winslet.

If you do more research, you’ll be surprised to find 10, 20 or even a hundred more sleazy (yet wonderfully created) kink movies, which you could watch tonight (or this weekend) with your hookup buddies, or with your preferred Hobart Escorts!

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