Hobart Escorts – 3 More Things That Sex Therapists Want Every Couple to Know
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Hobart Escorts – 3 More Things That Sex Therapists Want Every Couple to Know

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

If you think that you and your partner already know everything about sex, think again. In fact, most sex therapists and experts say that a lot of couples today often end up quarrelling, or breaking up, just because their sexual needs or expectations aren’t met! Thus, we asked Dr. Karen Gurney, a clinical psychologist, sexologist and director at the Havelock Clinic to explain what everyone should know about sex.

It’s Okay to Get Distracted Sometimes

Even if you’re already so focused in pleasuring your girlfriend, or your preferred Hobart Escorts, there will still be times or occasions where you will get distracted with thoughts about something else!

The good thing is that being distracted with thoughts about something else is perfectly normal, and this can vary from thoughts about the sexual experience like how our body looks, whether the condom is right, or whether we’ll come. These thoughts can even be completely unrelated, like whether we’ll do the washing up after sex!

So, to prevent yourself from being distracted in bed, learn to practice mindfulness, which can be a helpful skill for counteracting all the distractions, and for increasing arousal and desire. Once you get practiced at mindfulness, you can use it to help you stay in the moment during sex!

There’s No Such Thing as Normal

When it comes to sexual frequency, sexual interests, fantasies or the kinds of stuff you and your partner like to do, it’s not helpful to get bogged down into the should’s or the must’s! According to Miss Gurney, sexual confidence and enjoyment thrive on variation, exploration and novelty.  So, the more you can let go of the shackles of expectation, the better for your enjoyment and your long-term experience of desire!

There’s No Such Thing as Being “Good” in Bed

Miss Gurney also further stressed that it’s just impossible to be good at something that happens between two people, as it’s always dependent on factors connected to each of their experience, knowledge, comfort and confidence.

She also adds that real sexual confidence comes from being happy with your body, whatever your size and shape, and in being able to communicate your wants and needs with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts!

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