Hobart Escorts - 3 More Sex Positions That Will Drive Your Libido to the Heavens
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Hobart Escorts – 3 More Sex Positions That Will Drive Your Libido to the Heavens

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Like anything else in life, it’s normal for us human beings to feel like something sucked out the energy out of our – sex lives! However, this doesn’t mean that you are going to get stuck in a permanent sexual black hole, or quicksand! If you need some inspiration to revive, or invigorate your otherwise sagging sexual energy, look no further for here are more sex positions that will help drive your libido to the heavens.

The Black Widow

If you and your hookup buddy, or perhaps even your preferred Hobart Escorts, feel like you need to do something more exciting, or challenging, perhaps you could try out this sex position called The Black Widow!

To do this, ask your lady to hop up on an armchair like a ninja, with your feet and hands on the chair’s arms. If your lady can hold herself up, she will be perfectly positioned for some solid internal stimulation, and you will also get a truly interesting view!

The Wantoness

If you and your partner feel kind of extra uninhibited, then perhaps you should try out this amazing sex position! To do this, the lady slides her hips to the edge of the bed, opens her legs and calls the guy in.

Next, the guy puts his hands on the bed, holding himself up and leaving a space for her hands, so she can continue her self-love, as well as provide a truly sensual array of visuals for the guy!

The Yab-Yum

To get out of your head, literally, go deep with this famous Tantric pose. Here, the guy sits cross-legged while the lady sits on his lap, pressing against his pubic bone. Synchronise your breathing, and gaze into each other’s eyes and rock back and forth. According to sex experts and critics, the Yab-Yum is hailed for being almost unbearably and slyly sexy!

Now, which of these amazing sex positions would you be raring to try out first with ladies as hot and sexy as the Hobart Escorts?

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