Hobart Escorts – 3 More Funny & Awkward Things That Can Happen During Sex
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Hobart Escorts – 3 More Funny & Awkward Things That Can Happen During Sex

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Like anything else in life, we can get silly and awkward even in our most intimate, and sleaziest of times. Well, I guess there’s nothing to be shameful about that because when two people are in the throes of ecstasy, and they’re naked, and bumping and grinding, anything can happen! Here’s a look at a couple more awkward yet funny things that can happen during sex.

Your Cat, or Dog, is Watching

I guess you’ve already experienced breaking furniture, or making weird noises in bed, especially when you were in the throes of erotic action with your girlfriend, or even with the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts.

But, have you ever tried seeing your cat or dog, or whatever other animal is in your house, staring at you? Yes, nothing is more unnerving, and funnier, than catching your pet dog or cat’s eyes staring at you while you’re bumping and grinding with your bedroom mate!  And I guess you’ve always wondered why do they always wander in just when you get started?

You Finish Without a Condom

Now this could either sound funny, or distressing, depending on what the situation is. But, for most guys, an orgasm can happen fast, and if he’s not aiming right when he finishes without a condom, he’s bound to get his bedroom mate pregnant (Or infected with some STD!).

Weird Noises and Sound Effects

If you’re getting down and dirty, sometimes the sound effects and weird noises can get pretty ridiculous, even to the point of distraction! Maybe you can catch yourself making a weird noise, or maybe the other person is.

And even more hilarious is when you or your partner fart, or your lady “queefs”, which is what happens when air leaves the vagina, and makes a noise on its way out.  But then, such weird noises are totally normal, and yes very funny, so I guess you just need to laugh, and enjoy such moments with your hookup mates, or with your favourite Hobart Escorts!


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