Hobart Escorts – 3 Best Positions for 'Big' Men
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Hobart Escorts – 3 Best Positions for ‘Big’ Men

Hobart EscortsYou’ve heard it before: dick size doesn’t matter. It still doesn’t, even if all women have their own preferences. The ladies showcased in the pages of Hobart Escorts are skilled at handling any size cock. Still, they have their favourites – especially if the guy is well-hung.

If you’re a guy who’s a bit on the bigger side, here are a few positions that will bring you both ultimate pleasure.

  1. Laid-back cowgirl. It’s hard to beat the view of a woman with gorgeous curves straddling you and grinding away. She controls just how far you penetrate her – it’ll hurt if her cervix takes too much of a beating – and the speed. She can lean back to take you in deeper, while making it easier for you to fondle her clit and send her to blended orgasm heaven.

A variation of this involves you simply bending your knees so she can use them for added support, and her facing away from you. You’ll still have that titillating site of your member sliding in and out of her, plus a great view of her ass.

  1. Reverse snake. If the ‘snake’ position is one where the girl lays on her tummy and you enter her from behind, this has both of you on your backs, with her on top of you. She can start out sitting up, then slowly leaning back until she’s snuggled up to you.

With your size, you don’t have to worry about popping out; just thrust into her slowly, and play with her other assets since they’re in easy reach. It’s a great position to make the ride last longer, and you can roll her easily on her side if you both want to spoon.

  1. The column. Standing-up sex is a good idea for guys with a bigger cock; it feels a bit kinkier since it’s reminiscent of getting it on any time, anywhere. This will work whether she faces you or faces away; either one has its advantages.

If she’s facing you, you can feel her breasts pushed up against you; if she faces away, it’ll be easier for you to give her a hand and play with the rest of her body.

Regardless of how big you are, you can experience mind-blowing orgasms with a pleasure professional from Hobart Escorts. Browse the gallery now!

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