Hobart Escorts – 2 of the Most Ridiculous Sex Myths That Everyone Still Believes
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Hobart Escorts – 2 of the Most Ridiculous Sex Myths That Everyone Still Believes

Hobart Escorts

Hobart Escorts

Like anything else in life, myths and fallacies also surround the world of – sex. From preconceived notions about sex based on stories and anecdotes on the popular men’s and women’s magazines to the sordid, sometimes sexist talk in stand-up comedy bars, we are sadly surrounded with a lot of fake assumptions, and even fake news, about sex! Here’s a look at a few of the most truly ridiculous sex myths that everyone still believes.

Men and Women Reach Their Sexual Peak at Different Times
Perhaps you may have already heard of a couple of variations of this myth, which claims that while men meet their sexual peak in their teens and early twenties, women don’t hit the same apex of horniness until a decade or more later. Well, if your hookup buddies, or the hot and sexy Hobart Escorts, hear this, they’d probably be fuming mad, and thinking that you’ve fallen for this crap!

In truth, hormones do not decide when you hit your sexual peak, as people aren’t soda bottles who just reach a point of maximum pressure and then pop. A person’s sexual has more to do with his or her attitude toward sex, as well as their level of experience, which is one reason millions of awkward men spend their entire sexual prime on a computer!

Men Love “Casual” Sex While Women Like Committed Sex
A half a century of feminism and women’s liberation has sadly not changed the fact that women consider sex as a step toward a long-term relationship and deep emotional commitment, while most men consider sex to be nothing more than a scratching itch.

And while 1989 study also showed that men were far more likely to accept solicitations for casual sex than women, a University of Michigan study found that women were also a bit likely to be down for some casual sex too, but as long as it was in a safe situation with a sexually-competent partner. The difference however wasn’t in the expected commitment, but in how much harder it was to bring a woman to orgasm!

So, please keep in mind these two silly sex myths, so that you won’t fall for any fake sex news stuff, or to any crappy sexist notions, and you won’t sound like a chauvinist pig to your favourite Hobart Escorts too!

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